Who is Us by Su?

Gonca Yilmaz is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture and Design. She is a student and collaborator of the artist Burhan Ersan. Since discovering the Reng-i Su technique, she felt in love with this art form and the philosophy of Water. She continues her inner journey of self-discovery that began after her encounter with water. This technique and its products are not known in the Netherlands, and she wants to convey the philosophy associated with her art. Water cannot be forced; to move with water, one’s mindset must be calm. In addition to handmade paintings, Gonca also wants to create user-friendly art objects such as lamps and tables using this technique and philosophy. She wishes to name the art objects she creates in honor of the creator of the technique, “By Su” (Su meaning water). By Su is the name of the brand, and Us by Su is the name of the company.

Burhan Ersan has been working in the field of poetry-painting, direct painting, and action painting for nearly 30 years. He is the creator of the Reng-i Su technique. He has held various solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Burhan Ersan’s students continue to offer Reng-i Su courses and seminars in various European countries, most often taking place in Moscow. Ersan has given regular conferences under the title “From Ornamentation to Art” at various seminars and congresses examining the relationship between abstract painting and Ebru.

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