Philosophy by Su

Reng-i Su

Reng-i Su is art on water. From our essence we paint in a spiritual way with the flow of water to express our feelings. It stems from the ancient art of marble, Ebru, which originated with tribal peoples. But… Reng-i Su uses modern techniques and materials in a very free manner. When painting on water is finished, we transfer the image directly to canvas. Enchanting images are created by using the power of colors and the fluidity of water.

The intention goes beyond involvement between the artist and the audience. The abstract essence, also the core of the Ebru tradition, strives for a far-reaching unity between them on a deeper level.

Also, working with the fluidity/liquid property of water is like a journey into the unknown; during work a connection is created with your own unprecedented potential. It is the integration of man with himself, through which this integration is also realized in your life journey.

The name ‘Reng-i Su’, poetically meaning ‘the colors are water’, was given to the vast array of techniques developed during years of experimentation and dedicated work by the artist Burhan Ersan, displayed in numerous exhibitions.

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